Rosanna's 7 month update

Anna is currently having a nap & I wanted to take the opportunity to quickly write this in peace so I've decided to ignore my normal format; type quickly, spell check & hope that my rambling results in something perspicuous.

Rosanna's 6 month update

Things feel well & truly settled in our lives now. It's as though Anna has always been with us.

Sugar Snap Studio - Animal Prints

After writing Anna's 3 month update a few of you noticed that I've made a humble start on an art collage wall in the girls room & I thought it was about time that I wrote about where I got the animal prints from.

Rosanna's 5 Month Update


This age is where things start going from cute to cute & fun: Anna is super alert, trying to communicate & is developing a fab sense of humour. She has an adorable greeting for people that she loves which consists of her grinning & gurgling while thrashing her arms & legs. I remember Evelyn doing something similar it always reminded me of a puppy but without as much hair.

Rosanna's 4 Month Update

I had this all ready to write yesterday but things weren't quite as straight forward as I had hoped. I woke at 2am & spent the morning studying until I finally felt like I could sleep again at 7. Got half an hour & then went to look at a potential nursery for the girls to go to for when I am back at work. I then realised I felt pretty rubbish & it turns out I have mastitis so I didn't really feel like going back on the computer after that. George was really helpful & let me try to sleep & I spent the next 12 hours going from being freezing & wrapped in blankets in the bed to sweating & hugging the bathroom floor. Oh the glamour.

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