Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream - review

Believe it or not; I had my first ever colour corrector prescribed to me by a doctor to cover a birth mark. I can’t remember what age I was but I can remember how horrid it was. It was a thick grey/beige coloured clay that you had to plaster on your skin & cover with a beige powder. It was not subtle in the slightest & it's safe to say that it was the worst item of makeup I have ever owned. I've been a bit of a sceptic ever since. Thankfully the Clinique moisture surge cc cream is nothing like that. It feels light on the skin & is moisturising but not oily. In short: I like it, a lot.

This type of CC cream has duel layered colour correcting optics that scatter light over the skin to help even tones & brighten your complexion. In simpler terms it works in a similar way to the green & purple colour correctors that we’ve all seen, but this one is skin toned, so you can be super lazy & wear it without a foundation on top. Which is a massive plus if you have barely any time to apply makeup in the morning.

The formula has SPF 30 in it which mean you can skip that step in your skin care regime while still protecting from sun damage. It does mean that you might get a bit of "flash back" when being photographed & it also smells a little bit like suncream, which I personally really like but it isn't for everyone. The packaging is really nice quality & is a thin tube so it doesn’t bulk in your makeup bag if you want to carry it around with you.

It helped to lessen my redness & my under eye circles really well & it did make my spots look less inflamed, but I would pin point conceal if you're thinking of wearing it on it's own. If you have a red undertone, sun damaged skin, or you think you look ashy or sallow then you will probably really like this product. For those of you who prefer a heavier base it sits well underneath a foundation too. 

The cream retails at £28 & there are 6 shades in the range that start from “very light” (the shade I’m wearing) through to “deep.” I'm really impressed with the results & think it's a lovely product for anyone who wants to lighten & brighten the lazy way.

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